Mar 25

Noise Control

Miss Muffin has been taking guitar lessons for over a year now and she really enjoys playing. I’ve noticed a trend towards music with a harder edge which makes me wonder how long before she’s looking for an electric to play instead of her cute blue acoustic. Read the rest of this entry »

Mar 25

Life in 2015…

It’s hard to believe that we’re almost to the 1/4 mark of 2015. Lots of changes at home, including a move. Less change on the school front, still no money to finish. We’ve had wild weahter with temps in the mid 50s one day and the teens the next. Icestorms. Snowstorms. TTU actually cancelled classes for an entire week something they had never done in their 100 year history. I learned to play minecraft. I’ve read a few good books, I should probably blog them.

Calico Crazy

Feb 15

Squeaky Clean

Boutique soaps, handcrafted soaps, spa soaps they seem to be everywhere. Seriously, until I worked at Bath & Body Works I had no clue that the soap market had gotten so fancy. I picked up a few awesome soaps at work but I’m almost out now.

The other day I stumbled upon the molton brown soap brand which comes in a variety of unique scent combinations. I’m tempted to order some as soon as my bank account rebounds from our latest move.

Calico Crazy

Nov 21

Global Understanding

TTU from Tucker StadiumWhen I first discovered Tennessee Tech University and the lovely little town of Cookeville I really had no idea how diverse the population was. Truthfully we were here close to six months before I realized that Tech’s international outreach had populated the town with people from every part of the planet. Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 18

The Eagles Knew

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Oct 17

Lucyfur Closeup

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Oct 16

Nap Buddies

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