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American Idol – Top 12 Guys

American Idol

The top 12 guys perform and Thursday the top 5 vote getters will advance. The girls perform tomorrow with the same rules. Thursday after the top 5 guys and top 5 girls have been announced the judges will get to pick their wild cards. Steven gets a Idol sign to cover his ducks and there is no time to waste we’re off to performances.

  1. Clint Jun Gamboa

    Clint Jun GamboaSuperstition – Stevie Wonder – This has to be one of the most overdone songs in Idol history. Clint gives a decent performance that is drown out by the too loud band. He gets good reviews.

  2. Jovany Barreto

    Jovany BarretoI’ll Be – Edwin McCain – Another highly overdone Idol classic. Jovany does a solid job but he is more fun to look at than he is too listen to.

  3. Jordan Dorsey

    Jordan DorseyOMG – Usher – Um, what to say… Well at least it hasn’t been done a million times, hopefully it won’t be either. I don’t think there’s enough to it to make it a good Idol number. If it’s not who he wants to be as an artist, why sing it?

  4. Tim Halperin

    Tim HalperinStreetcorner Symphony – Rob Thomas – I love Tim and I love this song, but I do not love them together. I hope this doesn’t kill his chances in the competition, it just wasn’t what he needed to do at this point.

  5. Brett Loewenstern

    Brett LoewensternLight My Fire – the Doors – I love the hair tossing and that he is so comfortable with himself. I think the original is too burned in my brain for me to love this but it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever heard. Love the run back to Ryan and the hug.

  6. James Durbin

    James DurbinYou’ve Got Another Thing Coming – Judas Priest – Now here’s an original, something we haven’t heard before. He’s really comfortable on stage and knows how to entertain. I’m looking forward to seeing what he does as the competition advances.

  7. Robbie Rosen

    Robbie RosenAngel – Sarah MacLachlan – An unusual song choice, especially for a guy, but it got a little breathy and whiny at points. Not too much to remember in this performance.

  8. Scotty McCreery

    Scotty McCreeryLetters From Home – John Michael Montgomery – A really beautiful sounding performance. Scotty is so comfortable with who he is and its great. I’m not a big country fan but I could listen to him.

  9. Stefano Langone

    Stefano LangoneJust The Way You Are – Bruno Mars – Solid performance with just a few touchy notes. He wasn’t hugely unique but he held his own and he dodged Ryan. Dedicating that song to all the ladies out there will gain him a few votes.

  10. Paul McDonald

    Paul McDonaldMaggie May – Rod Stewart – His voice is unique this season and I love the smile; but some of his movements are distracting. It was a good song choice for his voice.

  11. Jacob Lusk

    Jacob LuskA House Is Not A Home – Luther Vandross – Wow, every time he opens his mouth its an experience. I know that it’s over the top at times; but hey if you’ve got it flaunt it.

  12. Casey Abrams

    Casey AbramsI Put A Spell On You – CCR – This boy can sing and Jennifer’s right he’s sexy when he sings. Funny how the average guy can change when his talent shines.

Note to producers don’t keep stacking Jacob and Casey together they could make us forget everyone else. This was a really good night, the girls are going to have to bring it if they want to top the guys. If I could pick the 5 guys guaranteed to advance it would be: Casey, Jacob, James, Scotty, and Paul or Tim. I’m looking forward to seeing how this all plays out. See you tomorrow night for more.

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