Mar 24

American Idol – Top 11 Results

American Idol

The results are in and after more than 30 million votes the results may (or may not) be shocking. Marc Anthony shows the kids how to correctly set and use their in ears in hopes of avoiding too many pitch problems. Stevie Wonder does Signed, Sealed, Delivered with the kids and then Happy Birthday to Steven. There’s a card and cake.

The Ford video is cute and everyone is being earth friendly in the rain. Now the results start coming in. Lauren, Pia, and Scotty are first to center stage they will all be packing their bags for the summer tour in a few months.

Sugarland is up with “Stuck Like Glue” and I thought I hated this song on the radio, it’s even worse live. I think I rather listen to Pia sing ballads for a few hours. Will the song never end. Now we learn that James is a big pro wrestling fan and watch the kids play in the mansion. This was obviously pre-haunting.

James and Paul are next to center stage. Ryan does the usual rundown for both guys and they are both not safe. Except that Hulk Hogan comes out and says they are both safe and going on tour. Not safe is Ryan who Hulk fake punches into the audience (aka security).

Jacob, Thia, and Stefano are next to center stage, we get the Ryan rundown for Jacob and he is going on tour. Next he does the rundown on both Thia and Stefano who are both in the bottom 3. Haley, Casey, and Naima are last to the center. Ryan runs down all three performances and Naima gets first back to safety. Casey gets the last bottom 3 seat and Haley’s bare legs and high heels obviously paid off.

Jennifer Hudson sings Where You At off her new album I Remember Me. She’s got a great voice but the song does nothing for me. George Huff is one of her backup singers. Now Ryan sends Thia back to safety meaning either Casey or Stefano is the one missing out on the tour.

Casey was the bottom vote getter Stefano is safe. Casey sings I Don’t Need No Doctor for just a few seconds and Randy interrupts. The judges agree that Casey must be saved. There a several silent bleeps where Casey forgets he’s on national television. The judges remind him that he is different enough without all the gimmicks and overly growly faces and vocals.

Ryan announces that 2 people will go home next week BUT all 11 of them will be going on the summer tour. The judges’ save is gone and from now on the viewers are in control.

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