Apr 05

Song of Susannah – Review

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Song of Susannah by Stephen King
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Song of Susannah (Dark Tower book 6) by Stephen King

Synopsis: Susannah, now pregnant, has yet another taking control of her. The demon-mother, Mia, uses Susannah and Black Thirteen to transport to New York City of 1999. Jake, Oy, and Pere Callahan must rescue Susannah while Eddie and Roland transport to the Maine of 1977. A vacant lot in New York is the prize that must be saved and ties these together.

My Thoughts: I had a tough time getting through Wolves of Calla so I really dragged starting this one. Much to my surprise Song of Susannah was a much easier read. In fact, if life and school hadn’t gotten in the way I’d have been done with the book weeks ago. Admittedly it doesn’t do tons for moving the story along and contains the ultimate act of ego on the part of the author; but it moved and I was entertained which after all is the point of a story.

4 Paw Prints
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