Apr 20

American Idol – Top 7 Perform

American Idol

Typical intro, the “genre” according to Ryan is songs of the 21st century, and then the cast-offs are back singing So What by Pink, parts of this were okay but everything Paul touched was a hot mess. Mark Ballas in the audience, guess that makes Pia happy. Scotty is up first…

  1. Scotty McCreery

    Scotty McCreerySwinging – Leann Rimes/John Anderson – This is not my favorite Scotty performance but it was fun and we got a good dose of Scotty singing his low notes. Amazing thing is the judges actually critiquing the performance and song choice. 1-866-idols-01

  2. James Durbin

    James DurbinUprising – Muse – Love, love, love this he’s so comfortable and he really likes to put on a show. I’d hate to be the next contestant. 1-866-idols-02

  3. Haley Reinhart

    Haley ReinhartRolling In The Deep – Adele – This is a good song for Haley vocally, but she’s not the world’s most emotional performer. I could see Haley doing something like this album wise. 1-866-idols-03

  4. Jacob Lusk

    Jacob LuskDance With My Father – Luther Vandross – This was a good performance for Jacob in that there was real emotion and it wasn’t overplayed. I know there were some off moments but overall it was an okay performance.

  5. Casey Abrams

    Casey AbramsHarder to Breathe – Maroon 5 – It’s a rockier Casey this week and it works better than when he did Nirvana. There’s a slight return of the ugly faces. Kissing JLo’s cheek was an inspired move, go Casey. Steven obviously loved this so much so that we don’t get to hear his review. 1-866-idols-05

  6. Stefano Langone

    Stefano LangoneCloser – Ne-Yo – Yuck! To me most of this was so off it needed to stop before it started. The posturing and half swallowed vocals just do nothing for me. I really hope he goes this week. 1-866-idols-06

  7. Lauren Alaina

    Lauren AlainaBorn to Fly – Sara Evans – There’s not enough to this for Lauren to really break out and do anything big with it. I liked Steven’s suggestions for artists and JLo’s advice to try the big fancy stuff in the shower and closet to prove to herself she can do it. 1-866-idols-07

I’m not sure how this is going to turn out but I’d love it if Stefano goes home tomorrow, I just can’t stand him. I wouldn’t be too hurt if Jacob went home either. Can’t wait to see David Cook perform tomorrow, it will be the best part of the results show.

Favorite of the Night: James

Bottom 3: Casey, Lauren, Stefano

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