May 13

Great Ideas


Recently a few homeschool friends were talking about purchasing some personalized items to be used as fundraiser for our group. I was able to offer them some good advice because when we lived in Georgia and my daughter went to public school I used to do all the school things like PTA and Room Mom. The PTA used to buy promotional items at the end of each school year to be used as prizes, gifts, and fundraisers the following school year.

Small items like pens and notepads from GOPromos with the school name, motto, and logo made great gifts for parents who signed up for the PTA or as Room Mom or Dad; while magnets were issued to each family with all the important school information. Pencils were purchased by the thousands to be given away in gift bags and prize bowls throughout the year. Items like t-shirts and hoodies were sold as fund raising items by the PTA and promotional mugs given away as lower level raffle prizes at every event.

I think for our homeschool purposes we will probably go with shirts that we can sell to members to wear on group field trips and the like but pens and pencils are a possibility as they are inexpensive to purchase and we all have use for them.

Calico Crazy