Jul 03



Sammy hesitated on the edge of the wall. Though he’d always wanted to attend the big Independence celebration he was suddenly terrified. ~ 136

Photo for July 4, 2011 Succinctly Yours


Word of the Week: expedient


Hungry as Sammy was he waited for the loud man to turn his back. Waiting wasn’t the most expedient route to food but it was the safest. ~ 136

Having missed the height requirements for all the rides Sammy hoped at least one of those funny t shirts came in his size. ~ 122

Calico Crazy


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  1. Helen

    All three are very good, I hope he gets to see the fireworks! :)

  2. Lisa Ricard Claro

    Aw, you’ve actually managed to make the darn thing sound cute! Nice microfiction–I enjoyed them!

  3. Pat

    These are both SO clever! Kudos to you for the use of expedient. Jerry and I both laughed at the t-shirt one. Great job!

  4. Dominic de Mattos

    Ha! Loved them. I am just picturing suitable T-shirts now!


  5. Susan

    You were definitely three for three this week (my favorite is #3…)

  6. Grandma's Goulash

    Must be so depressing to realize that even when you are fully grown, you’ll never meet the height requirement. On the other hand, I sure hope Sammy never gets that big!

  7. sharkbytes

    that last one is priceless!

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