Dec 25

The Cost of Education

I’ve done the college shuffle more than once in my life and it’s given my a view of all sides of the experience. One thing that differs this time is how aware I am of the financial commitment required. I don’t know of too many people who could pay for college tuition and expenses out of pocket, so student loans become a reality for many students.

Whether you go through your college, bank, or an online lender studentloan.com education loans are a long term commitment and must be paid back when you are no longer attending college. Because of this it worth investigating different lenders and ensuring that you are borrowing from a valid student loan vendor.

Not sure what kind of loans are available or if you qualify for them or any other assistance? Check out check out the Department of Education’s Federal Student Aid site to apply for aid and learn about all the different types of assistance available.

Don’t wait until the last minute either. The earlier you apply for financial aid the more your chosen college may be able to do for you. It’s best to use student loans for only the portion of your education that other types of aid don’t cover so that you don’t graduate with more debt than you can realistically pay off.

Of course, if you need to use student loans you should do so. A quality education that helps you acquire the job you desire is worth the price. Just remember that except in rare cases these loans must be paid back and are not cleared by bankruptcy.

Once I’m done with my education I’m going to start putting money away for Miss Muffin’s education. I won’t be able to pay for it all but it would be nice to have a little something to offer her when she’s ready to go. I just wonder where we’ll be living then.

Calico Crazy


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  1. Diana Grant

    Here in our place, we can have educational plan at the early age which students can benefit when they turn to college.. Cost of education is not a joke, so it is better if you would take the preparation at the early stage.

  2. Joyce

    What’s sad is how many people can’t find jobs once they graduate. My daughter is a senior and it’s a scary step.

  3. Elvirah

    The cost of Education becomes a burden only when the person choose to go for a higher education. I think until graduation one can easily manage somehow the costs and ofcourse there are also many who cant afford even that. But like you said planning for a child education is must nowadays and i see many parents working hard for the children.

  4. Stephy

    Education should always be cheap…So that people can afford it and be an intelligent one…

  5. Kellie

    Education is very important and it is a must to every person so it should be cheap..

  6. rene@loans

    I have read that in Australia they have a government funded student loans that are paid of through tax each year. The interest rate is about 5%

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