Jan 25

Cleaning Fun

Day to of decluttering went well and the Christmas ornaments have been reduced to just what will fit on our current tree. We’re getting quite the collection of empty boxes and for the first time I don’t mind them.

I’ve been consdering turning some of my unused and rarely used gardening tools into garden gifts for friends. It makes more sense than holding on to them and moving them from house to house.

The bad part is that I saw the coolest mosaic tile patterns that I’m dying to find a place to try out. I’ve always liked glass tiles although I’m not sure how to best use them. Glass tile for kitchen backsplashes have never made much sense to me, too much work to clean.

Maybe I could make a glass mosaic tile window or wall decoration, that would even be portable. Probably best if I wait until we’ve done a little more decluttering though, ridiculous to start adding to our possessions as we work so hard to let stuff go.

Calico Crazy


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  1. Charitzie

    It is really fun to clean the whole house especially when you enjoy it together with the whole family…

  2. Fhellie Den

    I agree, cleaning is fun especially when you love what you are doing…You will enjoy it…

  3. Pettina26

    Cleaning is the most awaited activities of my family. One of a kind happiness we share.

  4. Cynthia

    Great question, plenty of people will be looking for ways to make cleaning their house more fun. What we do is break the rooms up and do them one ata time. we usually do the bedrooms first as my wife likes a clean bed each night to get in to. So no matter how tired we get there is always a welcome at bed time.

  5. Carie

    This is really fun!

  6. Enrika

    Cleaning is one of the most interesting things that we can do everyday.

  7. Marifel

    You have stated a lot of idea here…Thank you!

  8. Paula Jones

    Many people are happy when the are cleaning. to them cleaning is not only fun but also brings piece of mind.

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