Feb 20

Wardrobe Revolution

Photo for February 20, 2012 Succinctly Yours

Word of the Week: revolution


Surrounded Midge paused to plot her next move, first place in line the first round prize, the masses her hurdles. ~ 113

Second round success found in the garb of a street urchin. Midge held first place in line for hours unchallenged. ~ 113

Patagonia women’s torrentshell jacket in hand Midge wondered how long her wardrobe revolution would take one piece at a time. ~ 125

Calico Crazy


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  1. Anthony North

    Excellent trio. Enjoyed them all.

  2. Jim

    Nicely written, CC. :) I like how the last one ties the others together. By looking at the picture in light of your theme I am thinking that Midge’s handbag will help her cause a lot also.

  3. Lisa Ricard Claro

    Nice triple header!

  4. Kim

    That Midge looks like a tough character – who would dare jump in front of the line?

  5. Pat

    Midge is quite a clever, competitive lady, even at her advanced age! She has a lot of tricks (clothes?) in her bag! Great trilogy.

  6. Grandma's Goulash

    Your “wardrobe revolution” is quite creative. I think that Midge has a long road ahead of her. 😀

  7. Sabinnah

    I am not familiar with this but thanks a lot for the post shared…

  8. GelliAnnh

    I really enjoyed them…Anyway, thanks for the post you have shared here…

  9. Frances

    Your a clever person..Thanks for sharing this kind of post to us..

  10. Clarice

    This “Wardrobe Revolution” is really beautiful and fit for this 2012… I can’t wait something more…

  11. Elai

    I really enjoyed them too…Thanks!

  12. Luttchie

    I agree that this is definitely creative…Thanks for this one…

  13. Nicole Schuman

    This Wardrobe Revolution is really such beautiful! Plus I love the photo, it was like shot during the 50’s…

  14. jamie25

    What a great stuff, this Wardrobe Revolution is really beautiful… I can’t wait for something more about this revolution…

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