Mar 17

Shopping Spree

I’m not much for long days of shopping at the mall, even when my budget can handle them. Online shopping has been my preferred method for years now and I have standing accounts at all my favorite online retailers. The deliveries to the house aren’t as frequent as they were in plusher days but the delivery services still know our address.

Recently I discovered nomorerack and all their fabulous deals. Every day there are daily deal released a noon EST and if you’re late you’ll probably miss out. But don’t despair there are new daily deals every day and tons of other great discounted items available.

I won a nook recently and really wanted a screen protector but shuddered at the price in stores, $15 to $30. Most of the online options weren’t priced much better, or had such awful reviews I didn’t dare order them. But no worries, nomorerack.com came to my rescue with a 3pk of screen guards for just $5.00.

If you like to shop online and you love a great deal I highly recommend checking nomorerack out. You never know what you might find.

Calico Crazy